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If global population is dying of thirst and hunger not because there is shortage of water and food, but because, even though our planet is being flooded by incredible quantities of freshly printed money there is a lack of that same money that can be used to buy food and water, then it is obvious without any doubt that global population lacks intelligence much more than it lacks money! Just as manipulators rule in newspapers, just as radio is ruled by manipulators, and just as television is ruled by manipulators, so is democracy on Internet and social networks managed from the control room trough logarithms and influencers. There is no third option, if current tragic financial situation across the globe is not a consequence of a fatal economic theory mistake, but is a result of criminal activities, then we are not talking about stealing chocolate in a small local store, but about the worst type of crime – crime against humanity, the one of biblical proportions. In July of this 2012 year, Crom Alternative Association should have participated with its document “Global Monetary Reform and The Transformation of Society” on “First International Social Transformation Conference” in Split (Croatia). Unfortunately, that did not happen due to the sudden change of organizer’s opinion. The reason for such change should not be seek further than the upper link, i.e. in attempt of Croatian Government to dodge facing 28 questions that have been officially addressed to it and that are prying into the root of sacred relationship “law – state – person – monetary system – money”.

International Sustainability Summit has been set for October. Subheading reads “Community Exchange Systems and Alternative Currency Systems for Sustainable Communities”, and it is described as a workshop that will demonstrate systems which include bartering and using alternative exchange systems and community-issued currencies. Furthermore, participation could be useful for local authorities, finance ministers, local and national chambers of commerce and NGOs – as it is stated on European Sustainability Academy (E∑A) web site. E∑A is privately funded Greek business which has been set up by its British founders; E∑A operates as a social enterprise which means that profits from the business are reinvested in the development of sustainability related teaching and research. Lead by Thomas Greco - a world expert in moneyless exchange systems and community development, Matthew Slater - a leading software engineer for community currency, and Professor Jem Bendell - an expert in strategic planning; International Sustainability Summit represents a new step towards the change for sustainable socio-economic reform. However, sustainable transformation of society based on a monetary reform can have many different forms. And here is one example of it: "Economic and Cultural Transition to Sustainability - International Precious Metals Currency". Of course, Crom Alternative Exchange Association supports International Sustainability Summit. Following vital information is delivered to organizers of the upcoming summit:

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What is state, what is the difference between a man and a person and on what is relationship between a man and a state based on? What is currency, how does monetary system function and why is money issued and distributed in this exact way? It is really strange that the wider audience that has recently been disgusted with bank robberies now starts to justify such acts.

How much is a life of a single citizen worth to a country, and how much to himself? How much is a million dollars worth to a man in desert, and how much a glass of water? How much is a kilogram of diamonds worth to a man on a deserted island, and how much one decent lunch? How much is a fridge worth to an Eskimo, and how much a heating unit? What is happening with a concept of value if instead of "how much" we ask ourselves "of what" and "why that in particular" as a crucial question? Is the ultimate success we all strive for to be rich or to be happy? What about a marketplace of products and services where everyone can express the value in anything - what do you think about that, how much compatible with fair trade principals is this way of business?


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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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